The Binding of Isaac: dossier+interview

Hey, I just realized I've never talked about the dossier I made on The Binding of Isaac for the French website Gameweb.fr!

I'm not a journalist, though Isaac mesmerized me during many months and I know the (weird) people of Gameweb since a pretty long time now.

And above all I like a lot their work, so it was very cool to be able to publish something about that game from Edmund McMillen on this website.

Actually, the really big part was an interview of McMillen himself, realized on Skype about a year ago. Thanks again to Ed' for his time, his patience and kindness.
And thanks to my sister and her ex-boyfriend for helping me on the transcript.

The dossier : http://gameweb.fr/articles/papier-21-welcome-to-my-nightmare-page-1.html
The interview : http://gameweb.fr/articles/sujet-star-92-lechelle-disaac-page-1.html

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