Kylotonn Games - Isle of Man TT: Ride on the Edge

As I said on the WRC 6 note, here is my last game at Kylotonn: a motobike racing game centered on the legendary Isle of Man TT.

Still Lead Game & Level Designer on this project. With the usual tasks at hands from all the research as for WRC 5 a couple of years ago now. What makes two-wheel racing, what makes the Isle of Man so interesting, how a bike behaves and how riders behave among each other. A lot of challenges to overcome and probably the most difficult production we faced with the team. Gladly, everyone in the crew was cool and helpful, definitely people I look forward to work with again.

The launch trailer is right below:

The game marks the end of my adventures at Kylotonn, but not the end of my career in racing games. I spent a bunch of months at Ubisoft right after Kt so you'll hear about that in the coming weeks or so. What comes next is even more exciting but way too early to be talked about :D


"1001 jeux à faire avant de mourir"

A shitload of reading again, today's pet-project is a list of a 1001 games you should play before you die. Not a highly original pitch but I wasn't satisfied with existing ones.

Click here to access it!

It looks a bit stupid to have a title in French, the core material in French but to talk about it in English right here, but I preferred to keep that consistent and the hosting site is French.

I'll think about English readers for future works ;)


Kylotonn Games - WRC 6

And here comes WRC 6!

Again I've been Lead Game & Level Designer on this project, production sheet, reading feedbacks about WRC 5, localization, a bigger team to manage, new challenges coming from new features. Except that it was on a shorter time frame, as release dates could have hinted.

Here's a trailer!

And so it's been three years of rally racing in-a-row for me, interesting for sure I can say and probably learnt a lot in the process(es). But I'm done with four-wheel vehicles (for now at least) and, because it has already been announced, I can tell you that I'm going back at the drawing-board for extremely fast two-wheeled vehicles...


Kylotonn Games - WRC 5

On this day two years ago, I started working on WRC 5 as a Game Designer at Kylotonn Games. Calendar coincidence, this is also today that the game is finally released, after two long years of level design processes, design writing, trials and errors, data gathering, research, documentation...
A game I am really proud of even if it wasn't 730days of endless fun. 

From the application form to the last tweak in the localisation files, the team did a lot and some people worked their ass out to have this game released. And so I take this occasion to thanks them.

Official website and official trailer!

The game won the "best console game for 2015" Ping Award: