Gantz - Alien Invasion

Started in March 2010 has as hobby on my spare time, Gantz: Alien Invasion is a video game adaptation of the manga of the same name: Gantz. But don't get mad or what, it's just a big game concept describing the game as I see it.
And yeah, I know what you're going to say you know! There are already few games adapted from Gantz, but I pretend to think that they do not catch the very concept of the manga, what he can really offer in terms of video game. And then it was a way of working a game design with a specifications sheet to meet - the universe and the mechanics of the manga - rather than writing without constraints and totally free on the first thing that would come to my mind (which I don't deprive myself to, however).

Unlike the Konami's game on PS2, this adaptation isn't focused on the scenario of the manga. Alien Invasion is an action game conceived as a Monster Hunter with the speed and dynamism of Vanquish, the violence of Ninja Gaiden and in which players have to help each others like in Left4Dead.
For the remains, I tried to respect the original manga as much as I could, digging details in the existing adaptations (animés and movies).

I have not the vainglory to sign the budget and the rights to develop the game tomorrow, like I said in introduction it's just an exercise in style. The irony is that I entered Kylotonn Games as a Game Designer in the meantime, so this kind of document is basically my all-day job now. But hey, I don't regret it because it was a good exercise and I found myself facing many issues, the overall playability of the project has changed three times to give you an idea. So, in the end this was interesting!

The result of this work is an (almost) 70 pages PDF document which took me about 250h of work you could read by clicking RIGHT HERE (or you can download it if you want a clean and convenient PDF). I know this will never become the bedside book of anyone, but it wouldn't have been very useful to write an article about that doc' without a link to download and read it.

It goes without saying that the resulting doc is a massive spoiler of everything that has been published on the license until now, you now have been warned about this!

Oh! Almost forgot, the document itself is in french because I started it like that 3 years ago as said in the header, sorry if you're not a french reader.
But I could make the translation if you're (really) interested in the project : D

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